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How to choose washing and cleaning machine according to the different characteri

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    First, clean the floor and floor cleaning detergent

    1, before working, please put "carefully slip" or "construction in the" signs, remove the impact of the work of debris;

    2, with the tool to remove the adhesion of dirt and pick up chunks of debris;

    3, the use of high pressure cleaning machine to clean the ground. Washing machine dry sewage.

    4, with the pad to polish the ground.

    5, with water absorption machine to remove the ground polished sewage;

    6, with water over the water two times, must be used with a clean mop and water, to cover all the water to touch the ground, until the water is not a bubble;

    7, wait for dry ground, before waxing.

    Two, the use of washing machine, polishing and waxing

    1, to ensure that the ground dry;

    2, use a clean mop (with water) waxing, mop head material for synthetic fiber or blended suggestions;

    3, wax (general use light super wax water, anti electrostatic floor use anti-static floor wax), the wax generally do not need to polish, shiny.

    4, of course, should pay attention to: Waxing should choose relatively good weather days, because air dry, ventilation at the wax will dry faster.

    5, try to use a direction of Wax Waxing, thus preventing wax surface fluctuation.

    6, privet is generally used in epoxy floor, PVC floor, paint the ground more.

    Waxing waxing waxing as possible according to the specific circumstances can again two times when playing the second time wax should wait for 30 to 45 minutes, to ensure that the wax surface dry (due to adverse site conditions, such as high humidity, 30 to 45 minutes later with a touch of wax still feel sticky hands, please continue to wait until the non stick in hand and the second times; if in the second times, feeling mop drag is strong, this is the wax surface dry caused, please wait for dry), so in the choice of wax, customers in the purchase of the machine with washing function machine can.

    Three, solid wax, this wax needs polishing, and the more polished the more shiny

    1, solid wax general use: cement floor, terrazzo floors, marble floors, and because the ground water is strong, rough surface. The use of solid wax can cover the rough surface, the wax surface than the wax wax surface wear resistance.

    2, like cleaning the floor waxing method: the first half, then solid wax mop evenly on the ground. And high speed polishing machine is used for polishing the wax surface. Note that there are restrictions on the polishing time: generally good wax 2 hours -5 hours between the polishing effect will be better.

    3, so in the choice of the machine when it is best to use the high speed of the machine, and can be washed and can be polished and multifunctional integrated machine, so that economic benefits. Multi use of one machine.